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Come walk with us

Find the best fit for you.

Forest Bathing and Wildcrafting Tea
In-Person or Online
June 1 through August 24, 2023


One hour

Plus tax

1-hour walk

Clothing as appropriate

Bathrooms - Outhouse

Long pants, closed toed shoes, bug spray, SPF, beverage required. Extra Phone flash charge suggested

Couples in the Forest 
2 hour Walk
Any Date  Private


In-Person or Online

Plus tax

2 hour walk

Bathrooms - Outhouse

You choose a location near you, where you can be in nature or see nature and we will guide you digitally from where we are.

Clothing as appropriate

Private Walk
One Person


In person or online one-hour

Plus tax

Participate on your own with a Certified Guide. Online or in person. Duration is approximately one-hour 



Plus tax

BONUS: 3 Quiet Forest Minutes: Follow this link to three quiet refreshing minutes of joy. Take a few moments for yourself.


If you choose to join us in person, please know that you will be walking through nature where the ground is uneven. Hiking boots are best. Also, we are often in the shade of trees and it can be cooler than you would expect. Please dress in comfortable layers. Nature doesn't care how you look. Please bring bug spray, sunscreen, water and whatever you think you might need for your own wellness. There are limited or no washroom facilities on the trails so please take care of your needs before you arrive. There are limited places to sit so you may also want to bring a blanket or cushion to sit on. You may take pictures but your use of phones will be expected to be silent. Some people like to draw or journal during their experience so feel free to bring supplies. Some people find backpacks helpful. This is not exercise, it's enjoyment. We don't walk very far and we don't walk very fast. Your experience will be a quiet one.

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