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Your Nature and Forest Therapy Walks really diversified program offerings and what "health" looks like...Many many MANY thanks to you!!!

- Healthy Living Program, Clearwater, BC

Nature and Forest Therapy Walk

Clearwater, BC Healthy Living Program


You bring a sense of calming & peace in every situation. 

- K

Tourism, acitivities, nature, forest, bathing, walk, therapy, calm, peace

Sense of Calm...

... and peace


You always had a beautiful smile on your face, and you gave space when it was needed. Thank you.

-  Walk Attendee C

Nature, Forest, Therapy, Bathing, Relax, Activity, Tourism

Getting some space...

Come for a walk and get some space in your life.


Very grateful for everything you tuaght me (all of us) about nature. You are a wonderful soul. It was a joy to share this whole experience with you.

- Walk Attendee S

Forest Bathing, Therapy, Forest, Nature, Walk, Relax

Nature and Forest Therapy Walk

Nature's Gift


Y ou are truly beautiful with a pure essense of self. A patient, loving, teach of nature and all the beauty that surrounds us. 

- Walk Attendee DR

nature, forest, therapy, walk, bathing, tourism, activity, outdoor

Beauty Surrounds Us

...and it can also surround you.

Connected with nature

Thank you for helping me be more connected with nature and in turn connected to myself. Your wealth of knowledge blows me away and I am proud to have met you!

- Walk Attendee C

walk, activity, forest, nature, therapy, forest bathing, tourism, British Columbia, Barriere

Connect to nature

So healing...

...your offerings are so healing. Thatnk-you for collaborating + being so accepting. Much warmth + gratitude.

-Walk Attendee V

The forest is the therapist...

the guide only opens the door.

Passion Contagious...

Your spirit is a claming force that I truly absorbed this weekend. Your passion for nature is contagious.

- Walk Attendee K

nature, forest, activity, tourism, British Columbia, fun, therapy, forest bathing

It's hard to not be passionate about nature...

when you can see it, hear it and feel it's softness...


Your connection to the earth, understanding and wisdom is much appreciated by me...I loved watching you talk about the trees, and sharing your knowledge (with me and everyone else too) Thank you. 

- Walk Attendee L

outdoor, activity, tourist, tourism, forest, nature, walk, British Columbia

Deepen connections to nature

Unleash your inner wisdom

Contagious Joy

I am blown away by you. It is very rare in life to meet someone whose smile tells you "It's going to be okay". The joy you did everything with on this retreat was contagious...

- Retreat Attendee A

walk, activity, forest, nature, therapy, forest bathing, tourism, British Columbia, Barriere

Joy, joy, joy!

...let's let joy be contacious!

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